Property ARENA

An intergrated IT platform dedicated to its strategic partners and investors.  


The Property ARENA combines our research methodology, property selections, an investment calculator and customised reports into ONE web-based solution for matching investors with property. It connects developers, professional advisors, property agents and buyers from anywhere in Australia via powerful, yet easy-to-use online software.


  • No other web-based service allows professional advisors to find, evaluate, compare and secure top performing investment properties based on the investor’s personal profile
  • Developers can ensure that major projects are online and active SOONER, accessible to a network of professional advisors, property agents and their clients
  • Access detailed investment disclosure on every property
  • Create, modify and compare investment scenarios
  • A property distribution system with a growing network of buyers


The system model enables buyers and sellers to have separate representation, allowing investors to evaluate properties without bias or influence from the listing agent. Utilising comprehensive disclosure and effective evaluation tools, matching investors to the best-performing properties is achieved in just minutes, rather than days.


  • Providing comprehensive details about each and every property removes significant frustration for both sellers and buyers
  • Offers a PDS style property point-of-sale document compliant with ASIC [PS 168]
  • Both a B2B and B2C web-based investment property platform
  • Present your properties professionally and comprehensively
  • Reach a targeted global investor audience and their representatives
  • Builds significance around YOUR website
  • Immediate increase in the volume of listings accessible by your prospective buyers
  • Create opportunities to develop strategic partnerships with business professionals looking for direct access to property
  • Gives you a distinctive advantage and a unique selling proposition
  • Improve vendor loyalty and build your brand
  • Minimal resources required to create this valuable business function
  • Connect your current sales team and network instantly to give them powerful new tools
  • Stay in control of the selling process via advanced transaction management & reporting tools

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